CM Performing Arts Center Announces “Newsies” Cast

After almost 100 performers showed up at an open-call for Disney’s “Newsies” this past February, CM Performing Arts Center announced the cast that will “seize the day” in one of the first, of what is bound to be many, productions of the cult-classic film turned Broadway sensation.

In a post on the theater’s Facebook page, added this afternoon, CMPAC reconfirmed the creative team with Ashley Nicastro directing, Matthew Surico musical directing, and Amanda Wenchel stage managing.

Based on the real-life newsboy strike of 1899, “Newsies” tells the story of a group of newsboys – who refer to themselves as the titular “newsies” – who face off against newspaper mogul Joseph Pulitzer after he raises the price of the newspaper bundles.

The story inspired the 1992 musical film starring Christian Bale as Jack Kelly, the face of the strike (although history says otherwise) and directed by Kenny Ortega, who would go on to direct Disney’s “High School Musical.” Although the film was a box-office flop, it lived on through home video and inspired the musical with a score by the legendary Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman and a book by Harvey Fierstein. While the musical adaptation features a few major changes from the film, “fansies” – the term used by devoted fans of the film and musical – flocked from all over the country to see the show all the same.

However, at CMPAC, Bobby Peterson, a swing in the cast of the Long Island premiere at the John W. Engeman Theater in Northport last July, leads the cast as the charismatic Jack Kelly. Alongside him is Emily Sarra, currently starring as Sophie in CMPAC’s production of Mamma Mia, as Katherine, the fiesty journalist covering the strike, and Jojo Minasi as Davey, the brains of the operation.

Without Further Ado, the Cast of CMPAC’s “Newsies:”

Bobby Peterson as Jack Kelly
Emily Sarra as Katherine Plumber
Jojo Minasi as Davey
Hans Hendrickson as Crutchie
Ray Zerner as Les
Miguel Almanzar as Race
Matthew Paredi as Albert
David Tucciarone as Specs
Brendan Bitler as Henry
Christopher Loeschner as Finch
Christian Kalinowski as Romeo
Vincent Donnadio as Elmer
Ryan Lane as Mush
John DelGenio as Buttons/Bill
Warren Tierney as Darcy/Mugsy
David DiMarzo as Tommy Boy/Spot Conlon
Kiernan Urso as Jojo/Scab
Mike Shapiro as Mike/Scab
Jordan Yates as Ike/Scab
Evan Torres as Splasher
Liam Summers as Sniper
Maggie Overbaugh as Blink
Steffy Jolin as Major
Gregg Sixt/Mark Cahill as Joseph Pulitzer
Shaina Stroh as Medda Larkin
Sean Burbige as Wiesel/Mr. Jacobi/Mayor
Terrence Sheldon as Morris Delancey/Policeman
Tom Anderson as Oscar Delancey/Stage Manager
Matthew Surico as Seitz/Policeman/Goon
Erich Grathwohl as Bunsen/Policeman/Goon
Brendan Noble as Nunzio/Policeman/Teddy Roosevelt
Michael Sherwood as Snyder/Guard
Debbie Hecht as Hannah/Nun/Woman
Abby McCabe as Bowery Beauty/Nun
Adriana Scheer as Bowery Beauty/Nun

Understudies/Stand-By’s/Swings/Pit Singers:
Joseph Bebry, Noelle Eichenlaub, Ronnie Green, Selma Arielle Jaber, Juliana Jagielo*, Anthony Panarello

  • = Dance Captain

Disney’s “Newsies” will run from May 18th – June 8th.
931 Montauk Highway
Oakdale, NY, 11769
(631) 218-2810

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