Annual “LukeFest” to Raise Money to Fight Cancer

The Luke Neuhedel Foundation announced ticket sales for its annual fundraiser this week. This year, they will perform “Shrek: The Musical” – featuring performers from across the Island.

The Luke Neuhedel Foundation is a 501c3 charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for children currently undergoing and who have undergone treatment for pediatric cancer. LNF provides gifts, toys, support, grants, entertainment, and strives to spread awareness of a disease that kills more children than all others put together in the US.

Since 2010, the charity has performed many musicals – in an event affectionately known as “Lukefest” – in order to raise money in honor of Luke Neuhedel, who passed away in 2002 after fighting stage 4 hepatoblastoma, a very rare liver cancer that affects 1 in a million children under the age of 1 each year.

“Shrek: The Musical” will be performed April 25 to April 28 at Maria Regina in Seaford. Tickets available now.

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