Cinema Arts Centre to Honor Women’s History Month

Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy in Syria. Photo Courtesy of Paul Conroy- The Sunday Times.

Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington is set to celebrate Women’s History Month with screenings of films centered on and created by women. Here is a look at their upcoming schedule:

Under the Wire, March 20th, 7 p.m.

This new documentary, shown in partnership with the Press Club of Long Island, tells the gripping story of Marie Colvin – a war correspondent who illegally crossed the border into Syria with her photographer, Paul Conroy. Overcoming the Syrian government’s ban on foreign journalists, the two attempted to cover the story of civilians trapped in the ravaged war zone of Homs. The film honors the two journalists’ bravery and perseverance to get the truth out.

A post-film discussion will follow the screening.

Working Women, March 28th, 7:30 p.m.

This new drama from female filmmaker Michal Aviad tells the harrowing tale of a woman balancing work and family in the midst of sexism and predatory behavior. Orna, (Liron Ben Shlush), a mother of three with a husband attempting to open a restaurant, returns to the workplace. After landing a job with a former army superior, Benny (Menashe Noy) who is now a successful real estate developer, Orna embraces her new position and tries to balance its demands with her home life. However, she begins to experience escalating sexual harassment from her boss. Her rapid rise through the ranks and her increasing financial success seem to parallel a pattern of predatory behavior which ultimately brings her career and marital relationship to the brink.

A post-film discussion with Ms. Aviad herself will follow the screening.

Program Event Fees: Cinema Arts Members $11 | Public $16

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